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About us : Some Background Information

Its formation Aims and Objectives CWBD Headquarters Executive Board Sources of Support Committees of CWBD Hari Majlis Wanita (Women’s Council Day) Anugerah Ibu Teladan (Mother of the Year Award) Affiliates Affiliations with Regional/International Bodies Resource and Referral Centre Publications

Its formation

The formation of the Council of Women of Brunei Darussalam (CWBD) was initiated by Persatuan Pertiwi and Pertubuhan Perempuan Brunei (WI) on the 7 November 1984. It was officially registered on 6 April 1985 and was launched by Her Majesty Paduka Seri B aginda Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha on 6 July 1986, which was followed by its 1st Annual General Meeting.

Today the Council of Women of Brunei Darussalam takes a leading role and acts as a national body in representing the views of all women in Brunei Darussalam. Its main aim is to enhance the status of women in all fields especially in educa tion, economy, welfare, culture and social.


Aims and Objectives

To uphold the aspirations of the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept in any activity of CWBD.
To unite and strengthen women force through  women’s organisations, welfare bodies and individuals.
To act as a national body which represents women of Brunei Darussalam.
To improve and upgrade the status of women in all fields particularly in education, economy, welfare and social, cultural and community development.
To encourage women to realise and undertake their responsibility towards the society and country.
To be a centre for collecting and disseminating information concerning women and families.
To provide a forum for exchange of views, experiences and discussion especially on issues related to women, children and families.
To strengthen the relationship among women regardless of race, religion and position.
To cooperate with the government in all fields particularly in the development of Brunei Darussalam.


CWBD Headquarters

CWBD began operating from its first headquarters on 4 April 1997 and since 15 March 1999 it has moved to its present premises at:

12, Simpang 32-66-9, Jalan Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan BB4313,
Tel : 340524        Fax:340525


Executive Board

The CWBD is administered by an Executive Board whose president and members are elected to office every two years at the Annual General Meeting.


Sources of Support

The maintenance of CWBD Headquarters and funding for its activities is made possible by membership fees, sponsorships, contributions, revenue, fund-raising, grants and governmental support.


Committees of CWBD

The CWBD has set up two committees in 1998 and one to help it realize its objectives. Since then the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council had been launched as a separate body on the 28 July 2000.

1. CWBD-Committee on Business and Entrepreneurship

This committee was formed on 19 March 1999 with the aim of representing the concerns of women in business.

Hari Majlis Wanita (Women’s Council Day)

Hari Majlis Wanita is launched to mark the formation of Majlis Wanita Negara Brunei Darussalam and will be celebrated annually on the second Sunday of April. The first was celebrated on 11 April 1999.

National Awards

1. Anugerah Ibu Teladan (Mother of the Year Award)

This is a biennial award given to an exemplary mother who has made extraordinary contribution to her family and community.

2. Anugerah Majlis Wanita (Council of Women Award)

This is a biennial award presented in recognition for outstanding contribution of CWBD members who have elevated the vision and objectives of CWBD and distinguished themselves in volunteer work

3. Representation at the National Level

The CWBD has been invited to participate in various committees amongst them: 

1. Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports led committees:

Drafting Committee on the Conventions of the Rights of the Child
Drafting Committee on the National Commission on Women
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Women
Task Force on Social Issues

National Children's Council

2. Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources led committee:

APEC Women Leaders' Network Meeting (WLN 2000)

APEC SOM Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Gender Integration

3. Ministry of Health led committee

	National Committee on Health Promotion


To date the CWBD has 12 affiliate members consisting of women’s associations and welfare bodies representing the interests of a wide range of women from all levels and line of work.


Affiliations with Regional/International Bodies

1. CWBD is a member of the ASEAN Confederation of Women Associations (ACWO) since 24 January 1986. ACWO was founded in 1981 and now has 10 members. CWBD has held various positions.

                Treasurer (1988/90) and (1998/2000)

                Secretary General (1990/92) and (2000/2002)

                President (1992/1994) 

2. 3 July, 2000 Member of the International Council of Women, ICW was founded in 1888 in Washington, USA and has a consultative Status I in UN ECOSOC. It has affiliates from 75 countries.

Resource and Referral Centre

Beginning May 1999, the CWBD will begin operating a resource and referral centre "Titian Emas" manned by trained volunteers that provides advisory, counseling and referral service to women seeking conformation on legal and social matters.

Patron's Cup - Badminton Tournament 

Launched on 10 Feb 1989 by Her Majesty Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hjh Saleha

No. Final Winners
1. 17 Mar 89 PKP
2. 1 Sept 91 Pertiwi
3. 16 Apr 95 WI
4. 25 Oct 96 IWC
5. 17 Jul 98 IWC
6. 13 Aug 2000 IWC

Advisor's Cup - Netball Tournament

Launched on 25 April 1999 at Dewan Serbaguna Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah

No. Final Winners
1. 9 May 99  WI


The CWBD publishes a biannual newsletter Suara Wanita. Other publications include Diari Majlis Wanita Negara Brunei Darussalam, CWBD Directory and ACWO Directory

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